Black Rock Solar Is Pivoting

In May 2017 Black Rock Solar transitioned into Black Rock Labs,
which will focus on sustainability efforts at Burning Man and related events.
With the slashing of NV Energy’s solar incentives, our business model of building very low-cost — often free — solar power for tribes, non-profits, schools and small towns in Nevada is no longer viable. All of us are sad that we’ve hit the end of the road, but are very proud of what we’ve done.
Since 2007, Black Rock Solar built 112 solar arrays throughout Nevada, totaling 7,600 kilowatts of clean energy capacity. That’s about $26 million worth of projects, which will save our clients nearly a million dollars every year for the next couple of decades. We also did 46 lighting efficiency retrofits for our clients.
If you are a former BRS client and need help with a problem with your solar array please contact Travis Miller at Sunworks in Reno (775-762-7381). Sunworks will take care of work that needs to be done under our two-year workmanship warranty.
Thanks to all the staff and crew, board members and all our supporters in the Reno community and beyond who made this great work possible.