C*A*R*E* Chest of Sierra Nevada

Reno, Nevada

Black Rock Solar constructed a 23 kW array for the C*A*R*E* Chest of Sierra Nevada in Reno. It was an especially demanding installation due to the caliche or hardpan nature of the soil, especially in the dead of winter, but the Black Rock Solar crew prevailed, and the array was officially commissioned in January 2011.

“The electricity savings from this new array will translate directly into free medical equipment and supplies for people in need. This solar project was built at no cost to our organization and will save thousands and thousands of dollars in overhead expenses during the next 25 years, enabling C*A*R*E* Chest to help hundreds more local families.”

Patti Meals, Executive Director

The C*A*R*E* Chest is a non-profit organization that provides free medical equipment and supplies to those in need. When one of the BRS crew broke her femur over the weekend, the C*A*R*E Chest quickly supplied the equipment she needed to aid in her recovery. We are forever grateful!