Rite of Passage Silver State Academy

Yerington, Nevada

“The savings from the array during the first year alone will let us divert thousands of dollars back into our student programs and services.”

Lawrence Howell, Silver State Academy Executive Director

This 250 kilowatt array is Black Rock Solar’s largest to date, and one of our favorites! The project was completed in two phases: First, students from the Rite of Passage Silver State Academy engineered and built large carport structures. Then our installation crew came in and placed solar panels atop the structures. We loved working with Rite of Passage and its students to build a new, sustainable future and to save the school over $40,000 every year.

Antonio A., who led the student welding team, had this to say: “lt was a great experience for me. I never would have thought I can do something this big, let alone be the lead welder. I thank Rite of Passage and Black Rock Solar for giving me this opportunity.” Thank you Antonio and everyone at RoP!