Seventh Day Adventist Church and School

Reno, Nevada

Our first project for a church, the Seventh Day Adventist array in Reno is also the largest solar installation for a church anywhere in Nevada. Black Rock Solar worked closely with enthusiastic and visionary church officials to design and install an array that will save parishioners $12,000 in energy bills annually. The dedication event brought together civic leaders, business leaders, and members of the faith community to learn how they could do the same.

“In today’s financial market when non-profits are required by their charter to keep a prudent reserve, how much more prudent can you be than to take money out of the bank where it earns 2% and put on the roof where it can earn 15%. That is doing God’s work!”

Dr. Larry Turpen

In November 2009, we returned to install an additional 20 kilowatts for the school, combining the two arrays for a total 50 kilowatts of production.