The Children’s Cabinet

Reno, Nevada

Black Rock Solar is proud of the array we built for The Children’s Cabinet in Reno.

“The installation of this 28.5 KW system by Black Rock Solar is an incredible benefit to the Children’s Cabinet. Our energy cost savings will be approximately $5,100 yearly or $127,500 over the projected 25-year life of the solar system.”

Jeff Andrews, The Children’s Cabinet

“The Black Rock Solar crew was a delight to work with during the installation of this solar array. They freely discussed the project and shared their knowledge with clients, staff or donors during tours of the project. This array not only saves funds that can be placed directly back into our programs but the renewable energy savings and the benefit to our environment is a win for the Children’s Cabinet and our community. Thank you to Black Rock Solar and crew for your dedication in reducing or eliminating our agency’s electrical bill and also for helping to preserve our limited renewable resources. Thank you for educating the youth of our community about solar power and about protecting and preserving the environment for future generations.”

Jeff Andrews, The Children’s Cabinet