Yerington Paiute Tribe Medical Clinic

Yerington, Nevada

In May 2011, we completed what has become one of our favorite projects: a 30 kilowatt ground-mount array at the Yerington Paiute Tribe’s Medical Clinic. When viewed from the air, this array has the shape of a stylized sun. It is perfectly parallel to the ground, and was leveled by sight thanks to our laser-eyed crew member Wakan Waci Blindman.

This was part of a series of three symbolic arrays we installed for the Yerington tribe in 2011. The following summer, we were honored to join in the dedication ceremony for these installations, and to unveil a unique sundial designed by artist Louise Mackie, which was placed at the center of the sunburst. All told, these three arrays will save the tribe an estimated $14,300 every year, or over $350,000 in the next 25 years.