Battle Mountain General Hospital

Battle Mountain, Nevada

“It is gratifying that Battle Mountain General Hospital can do something that saves money and is good for our environment. The money saved can be directed to updating equipment so that BMGH continues to improve the services we offer to our patients.” 

Phil Hanna, BMGH Administrator

Battle Mountain General Hospital has gone green with the construction of a new photovoltaic array built by Black Rock Solar. The array will produce 100 kW of clean, renewable energy annually, which will save the hospital about $350,000 in electricity costs over the next 25 years.

The 374-panel array will sit atop carports covering 34 parking spots, turning what was simply a parking lot into an attractive, efficient, alternative energy power plant.

With the completion of the array for Lander County’s Battle Mountain General Hospital, Black Rock Solar has now built solar projects in 12 of Nevada’s 16 counties.