Friends in Service Helping

Carson City, Nevada

“The savings from this array will make it possible for us to do more for our people. For example, it could double the amount of food we can serve in our dining room, or cover the cost of the insulin we provide to diabetic patients.”

Jim Peckham, executive director

The folks at Friends in Service Helping (FISH) know a good thing when they see it. The Carson City homeless-services nonprofit got a 28-kW BRS-built array in November 2012, and in April 2013 we added 110 panels to the FISH roof for 30 kW more of clean energy!

With the two arrays churning out clean, renewable power, FISH will save nearly $10,000 a year on its utility bills. That money can then be put to work furthering FISH’s mission of providing food, clothing, shelter and medical aid to the homeless and hungry within the community, with the objective to provide programs and referrals to families and​ individuals so they may become self sufficient.

FISH has been serving Northern Nevada’s homeless and hungry since 1979. A non-profit organization based in Carson City, it operates multiple thrift stores, a counseling center, a dining room and food pantry, shelter facilities and a medical clinic. FISH is the most complete services provider in Northern Nevada, serving 18,337 people in 2012 alone.