Silver State Charter Schools

Carson City, Nevada

“Silver State Charter Schools was the first non-district sponsored charter school in Nevada. As such, we must use precious funds that would normally go for teaching students and expend the money on buildings, infrastructure and utilities. With a $7,000 annual savings on our utility bill, that money can go back into teaching our children and improving the school. Our big thanks to Black Rock Solar from Silver State High School and Silver State Middle School.”

Steve Knight, M.Ed., Executive Director/Superintendent, Silver State Charter Schools

Silver State Charter Schools is a free, public, on-campus and on-line school that uses a unique hybrid model of distance education course work combined with a traditional school experience. It was an easy fit for the school to combine traditional energy sources with the “alternative” energy of solar!

With the help of a NV Energy rebate, Black Rock Solar built a 50-kW, 193-panel roof-top photovoltaic array for SSHS. The school will save $7,200 a year in utility costs. That’s thousands of dollars that can go directly to improving educational opportunities for students.

Silver State Charter Schools, one of the premier Nevada charter schools, is an excellent school for at-risk students, or students who are in need of credit recovery, and a great choice for students who are unable to attend high school during normal school hours, or who are home-bound because of a disability. The 85,000 square foot campus has large computer classroom labs and other classrooms for its middle and high school students.

Black Rock Solar is proud to have helped bring renewable energy to this Nevada educational institution.