St. Mary’s Art & Retreat Center

Virginia City, Nevada

“Saving over $4,300 a year will make an enormous and incredible difference to us, boosting our ability to support art and culture, children’s art programs and our engagement in the local community.” 

Frances Melhop, Executive Director

St. Mary’s Art & Retreat Center is the epitome of Virginia City’s Old West heritage, but its new 110-panel ground-mount photovoltaic array is anything but old-fashioned. Tucked away behind the National Historic Landmark, the 30-kW array will generate enough energy to cover almost all the electricity costs of the former Comstock hospital built in 1875.

St. Mary’s Art & Retreat Center‘s mission is: to build upon our art and cultural achievements by nurturing and supporting artists, strengthening existing cultural programs throughout the region, and introducing new ventures that will enable us to emerge as a vibrant arts destination with strong links to our unique history.

Funded through grants and building rentals, St. Mary’s Art Center considers itself “a place where creativity can be explored in an atmosphere of quiet beauty.” Fittingly, solar arrays are silent.