The Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California (seven arrays)

Carson City, Nevada

“The solar project will provide installation of seven photovoltaic arrays for Tribal buildings. This will provide a means to reduce the energy costs for the Tribe and reduce our carbon footprint. The Washoe Tribe is grateful for the continued partnership and great track record we’ve had with Black Rock Solar.”

Neil Mortimer, Tribe Chairman

In addition to the 113 kW of power Black Rock Solar built for The Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California in 2011, in July 2015 we completed seven new Carson City area arrays for the tribe.

Through a $470,000 grant from the Department of Energy as well as NVEnergy rebates, the tribe will be using the sun to save more than $25,000 annually for their Head Start program, Senior Center, Wellness Center and more. The seven ground-mounted arrays will total 158 kW and will be equivalent to taking about 50 homes off the grid.

“As a nonprofit with a mission to help schools, tribes and other nonprofits save money through building clean energy, Black Rock Solar is delighted to be working with The Washoe Tribe again,” said Black Rock Solar Executive Director Paddy McCully. “We’re pleased to see The Tribe use clean energy technology to maintain its heritage of caring for the environment.”

The solar array sites include:

  • Stewart Family Wellness Center
  • Dresslerville Community Center
  • Dresslerville Senior Center
  • Dresslerville Healing Center
  • Dresslerville Head Start
  • Carson One Stop
  • Carson Gym