Yerington Paiute Tribe Irrigation Well

Yerington, Nevada

“The Yerington Paiute Tribe has about 300 acres of alfalfa land that is irrigated throughout the spring and summer months by these well pumps. During the peak watering times, the Tribe’s utility bill can be upward of $5,000 per month. By installing the solar array the Tribe’s cost of doing business will be reduced which is very important to our business.”

Deborah Dunn, Yerington Paiute Tribal Manager

In February, Black Rock Solar built a 160-panel photovoltaic array on Yerington Indian Colony land on Campbell Lane in north Yerington. The array means 42 kW of clean energy from the sun which should provide almost all the power for an agricultural well pump, and it will also boost the tribe’s total clean energy footprint to a whopping 251 kW!

In addition to this current ground-mounted array, Black Rock Solar has worked with the tribe on six other solar projects including the Arrowhead Market, the Tribal Administration building and the Tribal Health Clinic.

This array will produce enough sustainable energy to power 12 homes for one year. The array was built at no cost to the tribe thanks to an NV Energy SolarGenerations rebate and the generous support of Black Rock Solar’s donors.