Go Solar With BRS

Black Rock Solar provides low-cost photovoltaic power to reduce your organization’s overhead and environmental impact.

What We Do

BRS works with non-profits, Native American tribes and public institutions like schools, churches, hospitals and museums.

We’ll consult with you to make sure solar is a good fit; help you find an installation site; and tell you how much you stand to save by switching to solar. Then we’ll work with you to help fund the installation through grants and rebates.

Finally, we’ll design and install your new array, and work with you to reduce your energy usage so you save as much as possible.

Why Go Solar?

Switching to renewable energy isn’t just a smart environmental decision; it’s also great for your bottom line. Nonprofit and community-serving organizations tend to have very tight budgets. Choosing low-cost solar can save you thousands of dollars each year in electricity costs — dollars that you can give right back to the community you serve.

Of course, the greatest benefit in switching to renewable energy is that it’s a sustainable resource that’ll never run out, get more expensive or pollute the environment. We like to say it’s 100% spill-proof. Switching to solar power helps keep excess CO2 out of the atmosphere, making the air more breathable and helping to slow climate change. This all leads to a healthier environment for future generations of our families and communities.

Where We Work

Black Rock Solar has offices in Nevada and California. We’re actively installing throughout the state of Nevada.
Contact us to find out if we can work on your project.

Who We Are

Black Rock Solar’s staff, board and crew bring lifelong experience and passion to our work.

Executive Director Patrick McCully has nearly two decades’ experience in environmental nonprofit leadership. Our Board of Directors are global movers and shakers in fields as diverse as finance, engineering and education. Project Manager Alex Kirkpatrik has more than 25 years of construction experience, while Construction Manager David Lasky is a member of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Black Rock Solar was born from the Burning Man project, and we will always have close ties to the Burner community.

Our Achievements

  • NV Highway 447 was named America’s Solar Highway on August 30, 2010, with more distributed solar per mile than any other highway in the United States. This is thanks in large part to Black Rock Solar’s work with the Native American and other communities along that highway.
  • 4,000,000 Watts and Counting: Now in its seventh year, Black Rock Solar had installed more than 4 megawatts of solar power in 72 separate arrays ranging in size from 1 to 250 kilowatts.
  • Black Rock Solar received the Brian D. Robertson Solar Schools Memorial Fund Award at the Solar Power World Top Contractors Gala in 2013.